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Headphone Amplifier Frigate® FAQs

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Headphone Amplifier Frigate® FAQs

Postby » 24 Jul 2013, 20:12

1. Can I purchase headphone amplifier kit Frigate® without tubes?

No, we do not sell headphone amplifier Frigate® without tubes because every Frigate® kit we sell comes with matched 6922 and 6H30Pi tubes to ensure audio quality of the amplifier. You may wish to read this post viewtopic.php?f=62&t=18 to further understand importance of properly matched tubes for audio quality.

2. Do you use genuine parts in the headphone amplifier Frigate®?

Yes, all parts are genuine. We source all parts for Frigate from Mouser Electronics Inc. and DigiKey Corporation.

3. What are the dimensions of Frigate® PCB?

Frigate's PCB has the dimensions of 150 by 150 millimeters.

4. Does Frigate® have a power supply or do I need to buy a power supply separately?

Yes, Frigate does have a power supply Trident®. Trident® is located on a separate PCB with dimensions of 150 by 150 millimeters. You can buy Frigate either with Trident® or without it. We recommend to buy Frigate® with Trident®.

5. Is the cost + shipment the final price?

Yes, the the cost + shipment is the final price for delivery of the kit to you.

6. Can you reduce cost of shipment and use cheaper postal service?

No, we cannot reduce cost of shipment. We ship via Canada Post and FedEx with a tracking number to ensure that you will receive the kit intact.

7. Does Frigate® have a B+ delay?

Yes, the power supply Trident® does have a B+ delay of about 20 seconds during which the B+ voltage is slowly increases from 0VDC to its maximum value of about +320VDC when it operates with the headphone amplifier Frigate®.

8. Would the Frigate® be happy with an Audeze LCD3 headphone impedance purely resistive 45 ohms?

Frigate® diving stage employs two 6H30Pi triodes connected in parallel. The parallel arrangement decreases noise, decreases impedance, and increases the output power of the amplifier enabling it to drive a range of headphone amplifiers. Frigate® was not tested with Audeze LCD3. Frigate® was tested with Grado PS1000 with impedance 32 Ohm and Sennheiser Audiophile 800 with impedance 300 Ohm. Frigate® was happy with both headphones.

9. I will be building Frigate® for a customer. Is there a trade discount?

No, there is no trade discount. Frigate® uses the best parts one can get without employing boutique resistors and capacitors which would increase the cost of the kit at least ten fold. There is however a quantity discount. If you buy 5 to 10 Frigate® amplifiers with Trident® power supply, you will get 10 percent discount. If you buy 11 to 15 Frigate® amplifiers with Trident® power supply, you will get 15 percent discount. If you buy 16 to 20 Frigate® amplifiers with Trident® power supply, you will get 20 percent discount.

10. Must the boards go in a metal box or will perspex/acrylic be alright?

Finished Frigate® and Trident® boards could be placed in either metal case or perspex case keeping in mind, of course, that proper isolation must be provided to ensure that the high voltages of the kit do not represent danger for those who will use Frigate®.

11. I am on the market to build a quality headphone amplifier for myself. I'm just having a little difficulty deciding which amp to choose from.

We offer three amplifier kits - Brig®, Corvette®, and Frigate®. All three of them were designed without any compromise, all three of them use audiophile grade parts, and all three of them will provide a very high quality of sound.

Brig® - If you do not want to deal with tubes and high voltages associated with them, you should go with Brig®. Brig® is a transistor based headphone amplifier and uses +/- 12 VDC to operate. When we say "this may be the only headphone amp you ever need," we really mean it. Brig® will drive almost any headphone out there, including hard-to-drive planar magnetic headphones. It is also very quiet and could be used with most earbuds and in-ear monitors (IEMs.)

Choose Brig® for:

- Most bang for the buck
- Most headphones, from IEMs to planars

Corvette® and Frigate® - If you do not mind working with high voltages and want an amplifier with "tube sound", you have two choices - Corvette® and Frigate®. Now we get into tubes, and the old arguments about whether tubes sound better or not. We will not get into those arguments. What we will say is that tubes sound different. Some people like tubes, and some people do not. Corvette® and Frigate® are using the same parts but Corvette® has one tube per channel (6922) and Frigate® has two (6922 and 6H30Pi) tubes per channel. Corvette® has a smaller footprint because it has one tube per channel, and also, Corvette's power supply is housed on the same PCB. Frigate®, on the other hand, has a bigger footprint because it has two tubes per channel and Frigate's power supply is housed on a separate PCB. Additionally, Frigate's power supply has a separate filament voltage bus for the right and left channels. Corvette® is a great entry-level tube amp that delivers a very high quality of sound. Corvette® works very well with high-impedance headphones, but do not expect it to be able handle hard-to-drive headphones, or to be ideal with IEMs.

Choose Corvette® for:

- Tube sound
- The ability to change sound by switching tubes (tube rolling)
- High-impedance headphones like the Beyerdynamic 250 and 600 Ohm models, and Sennheiser 300 and 600 Ohm models

Frigate® adds additional quality due to presence of 6H30Pi tubes that are highly regarded for their linearity and quality of sound. Also, Frigate® is designed to drive a wide range of headphones from 30 Ohm Grado to 300 Ohm Sennheiser. Frigate® is a great high end tube amp that works very well with low and high-impedance headphones. If you want an amplifier with the best sound quality - go with Frigate and you will not be disappointed.

Choose Frigate® for:

- Tube sound
- The ability to change sound by switching tubes (tube rolling)
- Low-impedance headphones like the Grado 30 Ohm headphones and high-impedance headphones like the Beyerdynamic 250 and 600 Ohm models, and Sennheiser 300 Ohm models

12. Also confused about transformers and transformerless kits, it's about 100$ difference, I'm assuming this makes a big difference too? Do you need transformers to run the kit?

Yes, you need transformers to run Brig®, Corvette®, and Frigate®. Brig® by default comes with a transformer. With Corvette® and Frigate®, we provide our customers with choice to purchase them with transformers or without transformers. The transformers, as well as power supplies and voltage they produce, either make it or brake it when it comes to audio amplification. That is the reason why we are using separate filament and power transformers in Corvette® and Frigate®. We are using Canadian made (Hammond Manufacturing) toroidal transformers. We offer kits with transformers and kits without transformers because we are leaving the final choice to our customers which may already have transformers in stock. However, we strongly encourage to use our transformers which have been tested with our kits and with which our amplifiers are delivering a very high quality of sound. Do not skimp on right transformers - the difference in $100 will soon be forgotten and the quality of sound delivered by your amplifier will provide joy and pleasure for years to come.
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