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Trident® FAQs

Post here about your three bus power supply kit Trident®, get help - for Augustica® customers!

Trident® FAQs

Postby » 10 Jul 2013, 09:12

1. What are the dimensions of Trident's PCB?

Trident's PCB has dimensions of 150 by 130 millimeters.

2. Can this power supply be setup to provide 320V?

Power supply Trident can be set up to produce an output DC voltage up to 400 Volt DC. Electrolytic capacitors installed in the B+ bus of Trident are rated for 400 Volt. Therefore, Trident can provide an output DC voltage up to 400 Volt DC. Albeit, for safety reasons with the electrolytic capacitors rated to 400 Volt DC your should not try to obtain more than 360 Volt. The Trident power supply has a full wave rectifying bridge in both the B+ and filament buses. Any time you rectify an AC voltage through a full wave bridge, you will get a 1.4 times increase in the produced DC voltage. If you wish your Trident to provide an output of 320 Volt DC, you need a transformer with a secondary that produces 240 Volt AC (240 Volt AC multiply by 1.4 = 336 Volt DC). This is the voltage that Trident will produce without a load. Any load may provide a drop of voltage between 10 and 30 Volts DC. Keep in mind that toroid transformers have high efficiencies and conventional transformers have low efficiencies. Thus, if you are using a conventional transformer, you may need a secondary that delivers 250-270 Volt AC to allow for inefficiencies in order to obtain an output of 320 Volt DC.

3. Does Trident® have a B+ delay?

Yes, Trident does have a B+ delay of about 20 seconds during which the B+ voltage is slowly increases from 0VDC to its maximum value of about +320VDC (when it operates with the headphone amplifier Frigate®)
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