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VU/Peak Meter Dejavu® FAQs

Post here about your VU and audio peak meter kit Dejavu®, get help - for Augustica® customers!

VU/Peak Meter Dejavu® FAQs

Postby » 06 Aug 2013, 08:13

1. What are the dimensions of VU/Peak meter Dejavu® PCB?

Dejavu's PCB has dimensions of 110 by 50 millimeters.

2. What Programmable Integrated Circuit Dejavu® uses?

VU/Peak meter Dejavu uses PIC16F88 manufactured by Microchip.

3. Do you supply PIC16F88 pre-programed or I have to program it myself?

The PIC16F88 supplied with the kit is pre-programed and you do not need to program it yourself.

4. What voltage does Dejavu® require?

Dejavu requires a power supply capable to provide +5 Volt DC and current of 50 mAmperes.

5. Is the cost + shipment the final price?

Yes, the the cost + shipment is the final price for delivery of the kit to you.

6. Can you reduce cost of shipment and use cheaper postal service?

No, we cannot reduce cost of shipment. We ship via Canada Post with a tracking number to ensure that you will receive the kit intact.
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