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Headphone Amplifier Brig

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For those who are reluctant to work with vacuum tubes, and high voltages associated with them, we designed a low voltage transistor headphone amplifier kit Brig. Brig is a high end pure class A DIY transistor headphone amplifier kit designed for the highest quality music reproduction with the minimum distortion. An essential part of any good sounding headphones is the amplifier that is driving them. Brig is capable of driving  a wide range of headphones from 30 Ohm Grado to 300 Ohm Schennheiser and it will give you the best advantage in listening pleasure. Do not compare this amplifier to the ones made somewhere in Asia from counterfeit parts and using Wal-Mart switching power supplies. Brig uses only the finest audiophile quality components that have been carefully selected with no expense spared. Brig uses two LME49710HA audio amplifiers for their linearity and ultra low distortion. High quality WIMA and Nichicon capacitors are used along with an audio grade ALPS volume potentiometer. Military grade Vishay/Dale metal film resistors used throughout the kit. A high quality built in dual bus power supply Janus with ultra low noise characteristics delivers +12 Volt and -12 Volt voltages and almost 10,000 microfarads of post and pre regulation smoothing capacitance provided by Nichicon and WIMA capacitors. The kit is assembled on a Canadian made printed circuit board that has thickness of 1.75 millimeters and 2 Oz copper traces. Brig uses 229A16 transformer manufactured by Hammond Manufacturing Corp. and is designed for both 120V and 240V power arrangements.

Headphone transistor amplifier Brig is shipped the same business day it is purchased via Canada Post Express with a tracking number.

Headphone Amplifier Brig  
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Corvette Video

Specifications of Single End Pure Class A OTL Headphone Amplifier Brig

  • Frequency Response

  • Headphone Impedance Range

  • Input Impedance

  • Output Impedance

  • Total Harmonic Distortion

  • Power Consumption

  • Signal to noise ratio

  • Crosstalk between left and right channels

  • Maximum Output Power vs. Impudence

10Hz - 250 KHz (-1dB)

30 Ohm - 600 Ohm

100 KOhm

55 Ohm

< 0.001%@1KHz

1.2 W@12 Volt

103 dBa

- 92 dB

150 mW@30 Ohm
200 mW@60 Ohm
250 mW@100 Ohm
150 mW@250 Ohm
100 mW@500 Ohm
80 mW@600 Ohm

Component Selection of Single End Pure Class A OTL Headphone Amplifier Kit Brig

  • Amplifiers

  • Volume Potentiometer

  • Resistors

  • Input Coupling Capacitors

  • Output Coupling Capacitors

  • Decoupling Capacitors

  • Feedback Grounding Capacitors

  • PSU Pulse Suppression Capacitors

  • PSU Pre-Regulator Capacitors

  • PSU Post-Regulator Capacitors

  • PSU Pre-Regulator Capacitors (Filament)

  • PSU Voltage Regulator +12 Volt

  • PSU Voltage Regulator -12 Volt

Two LME49710HA

ALPS RK27 also known as Blue Velvet

Vishay/Dale Metal Film

WIMA 1 Microfarad

WIMA 1 Microfarad

WIMA 0.1 Microfarad, Nichicon 100 Microfarad

Nichicon Muse Audio Grade 100 Microfarad

Four WIMA 1 Microfarad MKP-X2

Three Nichicon 1000 Microfarad and One WIMA 1 Microfarad

One Nichicon 4700 Microfarad and One WIMA 1 Microfarad

Three Nichicon 1000 Microfarad and One Kemet 0.22 Microfarad




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