VU/Peak Meter Dejavu® Kit


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Dejavu® (User Manual) is a high quality 16 LED per channel VU/Peak meter kit (with a hold function) based on Programmable Integral Circuit PIC16F88 made by Microchip. Dejavu® is designed to be used with a preamplifier or a headphone amplifier, although with attenuator resitors it also could be used with a power amplifier. Dejavu® requires about 20 mVolt in amplitude of a signal to activate each of the 16 LEDs. Activation of all 16 LEDs ("a full scale deflection") requires a signal with amplitude of about 320 mVolt. VU/Peak meter kit Dejavu® has four settings that could be changed with an imbedded  switch:

- Bar Scale/Dot Scale;

- Logarithmic Scale/Linear Scale;

- Peak Fall Down/No Peak Fall Down;

- Peak Hold/ No Peak Hold.

VU/PEAK meter Dejavu® is shipped the same business day it is purchased via Canada Post Express or FedEx with a tracking number.

VU/PEAK meter Dejavu® is also available as assembled, tested and operating VU/PEAK meter. Contact us if you with us to assemble the kit for you.



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