Engaging Repair Services

We service and repair HF solid state and tube amateur radio transceivers, transmitters and amplifiers manufactured by Yaesu, Kenwood,  and Icom. We also service, repair, and restore all major brands and types of HF solid state and tube amplifiers - Alpha, ACOM, Expert, Yaesu, Tokyo Hy-Power, and Ameritron. We provide repair services ranging from simple maintenance tasks to major overhauls and alignment. We DO NOT repair CB equipment.

To engage our repair services please follow these ten steps:

1. Be sure your radio or amplifier requires repair.

2. Be sure your radio or amplifier is worth repairing.

3. Review Repair Policies, Shipping for Repair, and Repair pages to ensure that you agree with our polices.

4. Contact us by eMail. Enter the equipment model number, serial number, and your callsign, in the subject line of the eMail. Describe the problems you experienced with radio equipment. Do not ask what it will cost to repair your equipment. We do not know the answer until we place the equipment on service bench and test it. Provide as much information about the problem(s) as possible. Remember, the less time it takes for us to find the problem, the less the cost of the repair will be. Be sure to indicate if your radio equipment was modified and what the modifications were. If you do not know what is wrong with your radio equipment, provide a detailed report of symptoms you noticed when used the radio, especially those symptoms that you noticed just before the radio started having problems.

5. If we accept your transceiver, receiver, transmitter, or amplifier for repair, we will issues a tracking number for delivery which is valid within specific time. We do not allow drop offs and pick ups in person. All radio equipment is delivered to us and shipped back to customers by carriers.

6. Following receipt of authorization for shipment, properly package your transceiver, receiver, transmitter, or amplifier, and ship the equipment to us.

7. We will inform you via eMail when your transceiver, receiver, transmitter, or amplifier is delivered to us. If we find suspected damage, photos are taken and immediately sent to you for claim resolution, if any. We can not process shipment damage claims for radio equipment shipped by a customer. Only the shipper can process shipping damage claims.

8. After arrival, the radio equipment will be placed on the bench for inspection, preliminary evaluation and diagnostics. Any noted faults or issues will be documented and compared with preliminary information provided by you.

6. Upon your approval, all agreed to work will be made. If progressing work uncovers other faults requiring additional attention, you will be informed and your approval will be secured before any additional work is performed.

7. After all approved work is completed an invoice is prepared and sent to you by eMail for payment. Your transceiver, receiver, transmitter, or amplifier, and all documentation you sent to us, is repackaged for shipment back to you.

8. Our work is warranted for a period of 90 days. This warranty applies to the actual repair only. Our guarantee does not include damage caused by returned shipment or other subsequent actions outside our control.

9. Payments are made online through a secure payment processing gateway administered by PayPal. You can use your PayPal account to pay or your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit card. Once the transaction is completed you will receive an eMail receipt.

10. After the payment is received by us, your radio equipment will be shipped back to you. The involved carrier will send you an email with a status of the shipment. In this way you can easily track the progress of the shipment and anticipate its arrival.

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