1. Orders

1.1 I placed an order online using a credit card and now I have 2 (or more) charges on my card, why is that?

Augustica's policy with credit cards is to charge only when the items are shipped. That means that we only make "Pre-authorization" of the card when the order is placed. For some cards, especially bank cards and debit cards, the authorization appears as a 'charge' on the statement and disappears a few days after it is finally collected & shipped. Then the final charge is shown on the statement. That means that if we ship your order quickly you may end up with what appears like 2 charges. If you made a mistake and your card was declined, it may also appear on your statement. Note that this is not a real charge, and that we do not collect the funds, they are held by your card's bank.

Pre-authorizations on credit cards are based on the confirmation of your order. Credit card charges are based on the shipment of your order. Cash Debit card charges are based on the confirmation of your order. A pre-authorization is a temporary hold to verify that funds are available when you place an order. Pre-authorizations are typically removed from your credit card transaction history when the full charge processes and funds are withdrawn. However, in some cases, this process can take up to 4 business days.

1.2 Can I back order an item that is out-of-stock?

No. Because we cannot always predict when and how much inventory will become available, we cannot accept backorders. To receive an e-mail notification as soon as the out-of-stock product becomes available for purchase, simply fill in your email address on the product page and click NOTIFY ME WHEN IN STOCK button. We appreciate your support and patience.

1.3 I placed an order, and just found another Augustica product I want. Can I add this product to my order?

Here at Augustica we ship out products very fast and cannot modify, cancel, or combine orders once they are placed.


2. Shipping

2.1 Do you send internationally?  How much does it cost to ship a kit to my country?

Yes! We ship anywhere the postal service ships, including and just about every country and continent (including Vostok station) To get the shipping cost, make an account with your shipping address and log in. Then when you have your cart filled with products you wish to purchase, your will get your shipping cost estimate for both Canada Post and FedEx. Remember that international shipping takes a while, and tracking numbers are only available if you ship via Canada Post services with tracking option or FedEx.

2.2 My order shipped internationally, and its been more than 4-6 days, where is it? Is there a tracking number?

When shipping international, the Canada Post quotes a certain number of days (say, 3-5) for delivery but that is only the number of days it takes for the package to reach your customs office. Packages can sit in customs for up to 4-6 weeks, although this is rare, it does happen, especially with larger orders. If you shipped via Air Letter Post, there is no tracking number, nor is there any way to track it. After 45 days from shipping, we can submit a refund claim but otherwise there is nothing that can be done. Only Canada Post Priority, Xpresspost, and Expedited or FedEx provides a tracking number, which you can use at the Canada Post or FedEx website.

2.3 My order shipped domestically (within Canada) and its been more than a week, where is it? Is there a tracking number?

If you requested shipment with FedEx or Canada Post Priority, Xpresspost, and Expedited, a tracking number will be emailed to you soon after your order is processed. If its been a few days and you have not received a tracking number, contact us!

2.4 How do I return a product?

We can only accept returns of unopened kits and products, within 30 days of receipt in Canada and 30 days from shipment for international orders. Return shipment is the responsibility of the customer. All returns are credited as store credit upon receipt. Please contact us before returning any package! We're reasonable people and we hope you are too. Contact us if you have any issues and we'll do our best to help you out!


3. Kits

3.1 What is included in a kit?

Kits come with all parts required, including a custom printed circuit board any pre-programmed chips. Batteries are not included unless indicated otherwise. Tools necessary for assembly, such as soldering irons, solder, pliers, etc. are not included.

3.2 I don't think I have the skill/tools to build this kit, can you sell me a pre-assembled kit?  How much will it cost for me to buy a fully built device?

Please send us an email requesting cost of assembly of your kit. You also may visit the Forums and find the information about cost of assembly in the individual section devoted to the kit you are interested in.

3.3 Do the kits come with instructions? Why are there no printed out instructions?

All kits are documented online by our team of engineers. The link for the instructions is on the product page (tutorial tab). Having the documentation online allows us to update the instructions easily and provide large full colour images.

3.4 How much skill do I need to have to build a kit?

Make sure to look at the instructions to get an idea. Most of the kits are pretty easy to solder, but require care (to not get the parts confused) and proper tools.

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