We service and repair all major brands and types of HF solid state transceivers and solid state and tube amplifiers - Alpha, Acom, Expert, Yaesu, Tokyo Hy-Power, Kenwood, TenTek and Ameritron. We provide repair services ranging from simple maintenance tasks to major overhauls and alignment. We also service and repair tube audio amplifiers such as Ampeg, Fender, Gibson, Marshall, Vox, Hiwatt, Orange, Traynor, Roland and Peavey. We DO NOT repair CB equipment.

Repair bench has the following equipment:

RF Bench

Fluke 287 DMM

Tektronix 4050 DMM

Tektronix 2465A Oscilloscope

Marconi 2955B Radio Communications Test Set

HP 8924C Mobile Station Test Set

HP 8657B 0.1 to 2060MHz Signal Generator

HP 5334B Frequency Counter

HP 400FL AC Voltmeter

Agilent E4411B Spectrum Analyzer

Metcal 1351 Surface Mount Rework Station

Philips PM6303 RCL Meter

Boonton 4220 Power Meter

Boonton 92EA RF Millivoltmeter

Alpha 2100 Dummy Load

Alpha 4510 3KW Wattmeter

Bird Wattmeter with a Bird 300w Attenuating Load


Audio Bench

Tektronix AFG3022C Function Generator

HP 8903A Audio Analyzer

HP 3561A Dynamic Signal Analyzer

Amplitrex AT 1000 Tube Tester


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are you qualified to repair my equipment?

Yes, we have been repairing amateur radio equipment and tube audio amplifiers for for over 20 years. We have repaired over 2,000 HF transceivers and amplifiers during that period. We can repair any HF transceiver and amplifier from the Kenwood TS-820 to the Icom IC-781 or Yaesu FT-1000 D and amplifier from the Ameritron 811 to the Alpha 9500.

2. Why an authorization is required to ship my radio or amplifier to you for repair?

This is the most efficient and responsible way to run a repair shop. 

3. What types of radios do you repair?

We repair HF transceivers, receivers, HF amplifiers, and high end tube audio amplifers. We can fix your Kenwood, Yaesu, Icom, Collins, Drake, Alpha, Acom, Expert, Yaesu, Tokyo Hy-Power, TenTek and Ameritron and almost any other type of HF radio. It does not matter how old or new the radio is. We can handle it.

4. Is the work done on my equipment warranted?

Yes, it most certainly is. We warrantee all repairs for a period of 90 days. In the unlikely event the radio or amplifier should develop the same problems within 90 days, we will repair it free of charge and pay all shipping charges.

5. How long will it take for me to get my transceiver or amplifier back?

In case of amateur radio equipment, the average turn-around time is about 7 working days. The actual time it will take to get your radio or amplifier back will depend on shipping time. FedEx shipping time is usually 2 to 5 days for domestic shipments.Turn-around time depends on the current work load, and how long it takes to get hold of a tube, a transistor or other part that we may not have in stock. Each repaired radio or amplifier is given a burn in test, which means leaving it on all day every day for up to three days. So, be prepared to leave your radio or amplifier with us for a couple of weeks.

6. How much will it cost for me to get my radio or amplifier fixed?

We cannot provide a repair estimate without placing your transceiver, receiver, transmitter, or amplifier on the service bench. We charge Canadian $100.00 per hour for our services, including diagnosis, repair and shipping of equipment in question. Cost of parts, packaging materials, and return shipment are extra. Although rare, a deposit may be required for expensive parts that need to be ordered.

7. What do I need to do to ship my radio to you?

Detailed instructions on engaging our repair services are available here. Shipping your equipment by UPS or FedEx is the preferred method. The equipment should be at minimum double boxed (preferably triple and quadruple boxed) and have at least 6 inches of soft packing around it. Detailed packaging and shipping instructions are available here.

8. How do I pay for the repair?

After all approved work is completed an invoice is prepared and sent to you by eMail for payment. Payments are made online through a secure payment processing gateway administered by PayPal. You can use your PayPal account to pay or your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit card. Once the transaction is completed you will receive an eMail receipt.

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