Shipping Equipment for Repair

1. You must obtain our authorization to ship your radio equipment to us for repair. All shipment authorizations expire after 10 days.

2. Package well your radio equipment. Here is the link to the Federal Express how to package document in PDF format. Radios, especially older tube type radios, are very fragile. There is a way to package radios so that they can survive the rough handling in shipping. The materials needed to package well are 2 double walled cartons (one smaller than the other), bubble wrap, and packaging peanuts. The smaller carton must fit inside the outer carton so that there is at least 3 inches of space between it and the larger carton in all 6 directions. This means that the inner dimensions of the larger carton must be 6 inches longer than the smaller carton. The space around the smaller carton will be filled with packaging peanuts after the smaller carton is packed with your radio.

3. The smaller carton must be chosen so that when the radio is wrapped in bubble wrap, the carton holds it in place so that no tape is needed and after sealing the carton, nothing can move if the carton is shaken. If you hear or feel anything move, the radio is not packaged securely enough. So you may want to get the smaller carton first and pack your item in it, and then choose the larger carton. Please do not put packaging peanuts in the smaller carton.  

4. Do not include any accessories (microphone, power cord, speaker), unless we request it. Please include a packing slip with your name, address, call sign (in case of amateur equipment), and contact information. Click here for a form you can fill out and print. Provide as much information about the problem(s) as possible. Remember, the less time it takes for us to find the problem, the less the cost of the repair will be. Be sure to indicate if your radio equipment was modified and what the modifications were. If you do not know what is wrong, provide a detailed report of symptoms you noticed when used the radio equipment, especially those symptoms that you noticed just before the radio equipment started having problems.

5. You may ship your transceiver, receiver, transmitter, or amplifier via your preferred carrier. But we prefer FedEx, as they are the most reliable. We will ship your equipment back via FedEx Priority Overnight. We have an account with them, and they pickup at our location.

6. If you obtained authorization to ship your radio equipment, please send it to:

Augustica Technologies Inc
135 Bayfiels Street
Barrie, Ontario L4M 3B3


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